How Construction Embodies our Human Tribal Instincts

How Construction Embodies our Human Tribal Instincts

As human beings we are hard wired to be part of something bigger than we are, to be part of a community or tribe. Just think about it, have you ever had that thought of “Why am I different?”, “How can I be part of that group?” & “Oh wow, that looks cool, how can I join?

Thiess Win QCoal Contract Extension

Leigthon Contractors, now CPB Contractors were awarded contracts for the the mining operations phase of the Sonoma Mine from 2007 valued at $1.1 billion and the project was to be completed by December 2015.

In December 2015, now under the guidance of Thiess, now operated by Cimic Pty Ltd (formerly Leighton Holdings) was awarded an extension to the current mining operations at the Sonoma Mine as part of the QCoal Northern Hub Project. The value of the extension is $250 million and will extend for 3 years.