VIVA Now and Forever

VIVA Now and Forever

In 2011 Greater Sydney alone had over 1 Million house separate households now that’s going to keep the founder and owner of VIVA Lawns and Gardens an extremely busy man! Subbycircle had the joy of meeting the owner Sam Mesiti, to discuss life, business and what drives him to get up in the morning.

So how did it all get started? I guess you could say VIVA Lawns and Gardens was born out of necessity when Sam recently got married at the end of 2015 and moved to the Hills District of Sydney. From the beginnings of one marriage to another – VIVA & the Hills! This was a recipe for success as the demographics in the area lead a busy lifestyle with larger blocks of land (for Sydney at least!) meant only one thing … opportunity!

If there is one thing about Sam that everyone must know, it’s that he is genuine and that shows through his approach to his business. When asked what service VIVA Lawns and Gardens provides, his response was a humble, “a friend coming over to do the work” – I wish I had friends like that!

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We probably hear this all the time with business, but we believe in understanding the “why” … why is providing the level of service important? Knowing this allows customers to gain an insight into the motivation of Sam and his business. “If you put your heart and soul into the business, I think you will get the most out of it as well… I want to build a reputation for doing good work.” In fact one of Sam’s most inspiring quotes was being told: “I just want to be successful so I can provide for my family”

Clearly the passion for providing for his family is paramount however we know that running a business is not easy and there are many ups as well as many challenges on the journey. “Moving into a new area and trying to build the clientele, to be honest it’s happened quite quickly but not as quick as I would like…but my clientele is build steadily which is good”

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With this in mind and the current business operations seemingly humming along, what does the future hold? “I want to create a really good name for myself and eventually put a couple guys on where I can take a bit of a step back and enjoy life a little bit more.. but as I said, it’s all about getting the best out for my family, my customers and provide a real honest and exceptional service”.

Having a reliable and friendly service is one thing but remembering some of the best pieces of work completed as part of the day to day operations is an eye opener, especially for Subbycircle. Sam vividly reminds us on some of the houses he has worked in within Sydney’s Northern beaches “I used to do a lot of work in Balmoral & Mosman and some of the homes you used to do out there were really nice . They used to spend a lot of money on their maintenance. They were world class gardens especially when you go to a house in Balmoral and see the water, it’s really satisfying” – Sounds like somewhere you would never want to leave! In saying all of that Sam definitely recognises the high level of gardens in the new Hills area and receiving the great customer reviews from his clientele for his level of service is fulfilling.


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Now that Sam is in the middle of the grind growing his business, we asked what his advice would be to young professionals who are looking to do the same. “Make sure you put your heart and soul into it because if you do that you are just going to get the best out of it for yourself”.

To find out more about VIVA Lawns and Gardens you can visit their Facebook page here alternatively you can email them at


Peter Toma

Peter is the Co-founder and Director of Subbycircle. He has worked across the Building, Civil & Rail infrastructure sectors within the small residential and Tier 1 Contracting markets.