Just Screw It – 3 Times!

Just Screw It – 3 Times!

Subbycircle had the pleasure of getting to know Chad Loxsum, the owner of Just Screw It and there is much more to than meets the eye with this construction company! While we look at Just Screw It as a successful business these days, it was a different story when it all began.

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Just Screw It’s founder and owner did the hard yards early, trying to grow the business spanning endless hours wearing many different hats, from tendering & estimating, passing out flyers, invoicing, accounting, marketing and finally, actually building the projects he was contracted to completed – If Chad doesn’t sound like a busy man, I don’t know who is!










These days, Just Screw It has 3 main divisions, 40 employees and anywhere from 5 to 15 subcontractors completing work for them at any one time. At the cores of the three divisions that Just Screw It specialises in are; Carpentry/Building, Landscaping and Painting however, other common trades are part and parcel of their activities.


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With so many builders out there, Chad has focused the business within a 15km radius of the Sydney City, as their main office is in Leichhardt. Not only is Sydney’s Inner West the area of expertise but they offer a one-stop-shop for their clients with an emphasis on responsiveness to all clientele and adding a number of trusted relationships, building comes easy.










So what motivates Chad and Just Screw It to provide the right level of service to their customers? Chad explains that keeping their customers happy is motivation enough! “We have a weekly where we discuss the status of all of our open jobs and ask ourselves what we would do differently next time”. Keeping the clients on side is key to running this successful business and there is a lot of time spent on customer satisfaction however, at the core of this customer service is the love of “meeting new people” and “learning new construction methods from cutting edge architects”.

Just Screw It’s biggest challenge is finding and retaining good staff, especially in this current construction climate however Subbycircle has a funny feeling that this will not stop Chad from expanding Just Screw It.

“I want to continue to strengthen the Just Screw It brand”

With Just Screw It set for big things, we asked Chad what his advice is to young construction professionals looking to get into the construction field. “Return phone calls on the same day, don’t over commit and don’t cut corners”

Sound advice from a man who is always looking to put his customers first!

To find out more about Just Screw It you can visit alternatively you can contact Chad at or give them a call on (02) 9564 5454



So we know you’re human, don’t forget to verify your email!

Peter Toma

Peter is the Co-founder and Director of Subbycircle. He has worked across the Building, Civil & Rail infrastructure sectors within the small residential and Tier 1 Contracting markets.