Building From The Ground Up

Building From The Ground Up

With Graya Construction



Did you know Brisbane’s population growth is projected, on average to grow to 9.14 Million people by 2056 – We need to keep building!

Subbycircle had the opportunity to speak to Rob Gray, the Founder of Graya Construction to talk about the company, its beginnings, challenges and advice for young construction professionals.

Since the humble beginnings as an apprentice carpenter, Rob Gray is quickly making his mark in Brisbane’s residential construction market. With a willingness to succeed and a passion for construction Graya Construction has impacted the affluent areas of Brisbane’s inner city suburbs however, it wasn’t always the case.

“I completed a builder’s course and got my licence.”

Leveraging off contacts within the residential building industry, Graya Construction began its journey.

“We started off building decent homes, not the high end homes…Renovations of really bad homes we didn’t want to pay billions of dollars for”

The Water Tower House in Paddington, Brisbane
The Water Tower House in Paddington, Brisbane

Finally! A company whose founder is young, enthusiastic and keen to please is now in the market to “take on the work” with the right attitude – Now, that’s a breath of fresh air.

“You need to love your job and when you do, there is better quality.”

There is a deep sense of pride in the work that Graya Construction undertake, with a level of care deep down that is shown in not only their own developments, but also in their client’s homes.

So, while Rob may not be there on site 100% of the time, his trusted employees are there to make sure the job gets done.

“Employ people with the right attitude”

Whilst this is key to a successful company, Rob quickly reminds us that members of the senior team are to lead by example so the employees “rub off from the senior guys.”

Leadership and passion are one thing but there are challenges for every individual and more so for every company managing a vast array of individuals.

“The cost of materials and trades are going up year-on-year and clients want the lowest price”

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The Australian residential housing market has made headlines across the globe, especially Sydney & Melbourne but the Brisbane market conditions have also risen and that makes finding the right employees ever more challenging.  As the market gets hotter and hotter finding the right staff while growing the business is a challenge in itself.

“You can’t grow as fast as you want…You need 2 years to get them to the right level”

Another view of The Water Tower House, Paddington, Brisbane
Another view of The Water Tower House, Paddington, Brisbane

However, once this has been mastered, managing the trades becomes much easier as time goes on and the process is streamlined.

With this passion for building and gaining great quality outcomes, what was the most memorable piece of construction? Well, there are two!

The first was the very first hoarder’s house that Graya Construction completed. This was considered a “big risk” and there was “some doubt through the build” however, it was well worth it, it was a great finished product, eventuating as Rob’s brother’s new home.

The second was Rob’s parents’ house in Brisbane. This was built early on in the Graya Construction journey and so, with only a handful of projects at the time, Rob was able to focus heavily on this particular project. What made it so special is that it was “very detailed”, “everything is different” and there are “no standard items.”

“If it’s your passion you will increase your chance for success”

As we hear about some of the most memorable pieces of construction for Rob, we asked what his advice would be to young construction professionals looking to make something of themselves within the construction industry.

“Give it a go as fast as you can”

“Back yourself with no what IFs”

“If it’s your passion you will increase your chance for success”

Hoarders House - From Nightmare to a Dream
Hoarders House – From Nightmare to a Dream

So, where do we go from here?

Graya Construction is aspiring to keep on the growth path with the combination of completing their own developments as well as continuing to build new homes for their clients – a strategic move to diversify the business. The future also holds a focus on continuing to construct in the affluent areas of Brisbane’s inner city as well as remaining unique and different, they are looking into the feasibility of adding some interstate charm to possibly rival the dominant Queenslander style homes.


I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing the up and coming projects from Graya Construction

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

“Email definitely, to make sure I get a good response”


You can get in touch with Rob Gray by emailing him at or visit the website at to see the latest updates. We especially love their Instagram, check it out Graya Construction


So we know you’re human, don’t forget to verify your email!

Peter Toma

Peter is the Co-founder and Director of Subbycircle. He has worked across the Building, Civil & Rail infrastructure sectors within the small residential and Tier 1 Contracting markets.