Which Construction Personality Are You?

Which Construction Personality Are You?

Construction is an industry with a variety of different characters, personalities and egos, but one thing is for certain, the people below are the ones we all know about!

The Bossy One

This person may not be the boss, but they surely think they are! Going around telling people how they should be undertaking works or throwing in their two cents when it’s not really necessary. We’ve all had that experience with this kind and it’s not pleasant, in fact it’s extremely annoying. Often the bossy ones take the least action and expect others to do it for them.

They are fast on the trigger when it’s coming out of their mouth but not so fast when expected to deliver an outcome.

Quiet and Calculated

Ah, the quiet and calculated.. Just watching and speaking to these people makes you fee like every word is being mentally engraved for that one mistake or error in something you say. On the positive side, extremely detailed and can work autonomously without hassle. The disadvantage of course is that they become too focused on perfection that it doesn’t come around to complete tasks efficiently.

This guy has their benefits but also weaknesses. All you have to do is be able to recognise this and use their strengths!

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The People Pleaser

Often the ‘nice guy’ who is afraid of confrontation and wants everybody to get along nicely. Utopia is what they want the construction site to be.. But as we know, it’s far from perfect! The People Pleaser can get too caught up in trying to make the best decision based on everyone’s feeling that nothing gets completed because you can please everyone. However, they do promote a collaborate workplace and force communication between the respective disciplines to get the best possible outcome.

Their ego is the last thing that they think about  when trying to accomplish something (and hopefully not The Bossy One’s ego!) but usually a focus on a ‘best for project’ outcome is their aim.

It’s hard not to get along with them!

The Lazy Guy

I am almost certain everyone reading this, knows someone they can label as The Lazy Guy – unfortunately!

Someone who is genuinely not interested in a single aspect of their job and comes in on time (or even slightly late) and leaves at 5pm, on the dot! They do the minimum to get by and doesn’t take extra initiative or push themselves to become a better version of them.  Ask them to do something? It’s most likely someone else’s responsibility too!

Drawing blood out of a stone is most probably an accurate depiction on the amount of effort it is to get these people to do some meaningful work!

The positive about lazy people is that they can think creatively because the mindset of ‘how can I get this over and done with asap’ can be a catalyst for some innovation and ingenuity!

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The Gun

The gun, he or she is your “go to” person, when the chips are down and are looking for direction, this is that guy!

They are usually technically skilled and know how to deal with people to get the job done. Ego is not an issue because they know what needs to happen for the greater good and are not afraid to tell it how it is. The problem with that is some people may not like being told what they need to do but that’s construction for you!

The gun is motivated and helps to lift the team to a better level, is usually calm and can control situations – a true leader, at any level.

the best thing about The Gun, is that they are trusted and respected because of their past performance or personality with others.

The Unsung Hero

Not many of us like being this person because we all love being recognised for the good things that we do, but that’s the difference with The Unsung Hero, they persist with little recognition. In fact they are usually just as capable as The Gun in getting the job done but less vocal. A mixture of Quiet and Calculated and The Gun, this is a true soldier who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty and work through the grind.

The Unsung Hero is well known to the direct team members but is not so well known to others outside the ‘circle of trust’ – we all have one in the team!

Peter Toma

Peter is the Co-founder and Director of Subbycircle. He has worked across the Building, Civil & Rail infrastructure sectors within the small residential and Tier 1 Contracting markets.