Subbycircle Refund Policy

Last update: 8th April, 2016

  1. Policy Overview

    1. Our goal is to provide our customers with goods of the highest quality along with the best technical, sales, and support services as well as to provide a product that will assist in businesses grow and develop.

      To help ensure that our services are best suited to your needs, please see our services break down and descriptions; found at the following location: Subscription Descriptions & Pricing.

      We provide comprehensive information on all of the services provided on each membership level to assist you in making the right decision, however, if you need further assistance you can contact us via email or phone using the details below:

      Further to this, Subbycircle will ensure that the service purchased will meet the following criteria:

      Be operational in an acceptable quality, endeavor to have no faults or bugs, and meet the description used in our marketing material and be accurately described as such.

      Are free from any hidden securities or extra charges.

      There may be times when you will need to request a refund for the service purchased from us. Our Refunds Policy is designed to assist you with your refund. The benefits given by our Refunds Policy are in addition to other rights and remedies you may have as a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).
  1. Refund Policy

    Our services come with a thirty days (30) refund guarantee whereby will provide a refund for the services purchased so long as the following conditions are met and abided by. The customer shall write to outlining the request and reason for the refund request. You are entitled to a refund where the service has been provided with a major failure, defined as:
    1. If the services purchased are wrongly described;
    2. If the services provided are different from what is shown on online or in our marketing material.
    1. Conditions Not Meeting Refund

      1. You simply change your mind;
      2. You wish to downgrade your membership level
      3. Scheduled or required maintenance on the website is being carried out.