Subbycircle was born when...

The idea for Subbycircle was born when two Civil Engineers and a Contract Administrator realised there was a gap in the market in terms of an up to date database in which companies could find subcontractors. Their thoughts were that Contractors did not have time to go searching for all the Subcontractors in every area of their projects and Subcontractors did not always have a way to make contact with larger Contractors, which may be limiting their business potential. Thought was given to also allow Contractors to obtain more competitive pricing, as well as expanding their contact database continuously.

The aim is to make the industry more efficient and competitive. The website acts as a platform for companies to 'show off' their projects on the live newsfeed, which is used to inform others about progress and updates. The time is now for businesses to network and grow.

Why Subbycircle?

The aim of Subbycircle is to help business network, grow and win new business with different companies. This enables a more competitive and transparent marketplace.

Subbycircle allows the smaller and lesser known Subcontractors the opportunity to express their interest in projects they may not have previously known about. This enables the construction industry to have a current database of contractors, as well as giving an increase exposure to Subcontractors.

Subbycircle understand how the industry works. Sometimes not all Subcontractors are available and not the best pricing is received.



Giving Contractors and Subcontractors a forum to network, price and work together to grow their businesses and portfolios. This is an international undertaking in which Subbycircle aims to play a part in.


Make the industry more transparent and competitive as well as cost effective for Contractors and Subcontractors.

Increased Exposure

To provide Subcontractors a 'fair-go' and allow them to work with large tier 1, 2 & 3 Contractors to help their business, solve their problems and advance their careers.

Contact Details

For all enquiries, please contact OR speak to one of our representatives using the LiveChat feature at the bottom of each page.

ABN & Business Details

Registered office: 80 Mary St, Merrylands NSW 2160.

ABN: 56 606 993 864