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Reach a World of Contractors Inside & Outside Your Existing Network

  • Quickly send bulk RFQs to unlimited numbers of contractors in your network.
  • Receive EOIs from subcontractors in the Subbycircle community.
  • Maintain control over your trade documents; subbies can only download if you approve their EOI.
  • Complete the entire EOI & quote process all online.
  • See which of your approved subbies have downloaded your trade documents in CSV format.

So, you're running close to a deadline on a project & need subcontractors, NOW...

Have you ever wished, in that moment that you could simply & securely send each of your trade packages, to those subcontractors you know would be great for your project? Well, now you can! Using our project management tool and it's eProcurement features, Subbycircle allows you to upload a trade package and instantly reach a world of subcontractors.

Who is Subbycircle's Project Management Tool For?

Subbycircle's eProcurement tool assists Engineers, Procurement Specialists, Estimators, Contract Administrators, Project Managers and even the boss of a One Man Band to find subcontractors to assist with their projects and tenders!

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Build New Professional Relationships

The site allows for contractors and subcontractors to build and develop relationships. Contractors can send a RFQ to subcontractors, while subcontractors can EOI on a project. This approach rapidly increases the number of subcontractors that know about your project or tender and as such, will enable you to satisfy the requirements of your trade packages faster.

Are you a Contractor? Here's how it works for you...

Contractors: simply post a project or tender you currently have going on. This will become visible to the Subbycircle community. Pricing and tenders can be submitted all online through Subbycircle's secure cloud. Your trade documents can be swiftly organised into trade packages.

Now your procurement phase becomes extremely easy. The eProcurement features allow for submissions of EOIs, RFIs and addendum to documents. Document addendems even automatically notify all approved EOI contractors that a new document is available for download. Gone are the days of email trails, gone are the days of disputes over document receipt. All that's left is a beautifully easy procurement process.

Subbycircle allows full flexibility for users. Is one of your preferred subcontractors not on Subbycircle yet? That's ok, you can invite them to tender through the Bulk Invite button. It's so simple to use.

Take action, save time, expand your network: all with a couple clicks!

The only thing stopping you is time! We are all busy but Subbycircle offers an easy to use system to integrate within your day-to-day as it's always available and on any device throughout your busy schedule!

With the Subbycircle platform being fully mobile and responsive it works on any device, large or small, from desktop PCs to smartphones. This allows you to access Projects anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, that means the reach for Subbycircle is almost limitless!

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